Biometric Access
Time Attendance

Access Control Sytems

Bio-Smart finger readers use Smart-Technology. Finger templates are stored on the MIFARE® smart card, ensuring that access is secure.

Centrally Managed System
Auto-tracking Hi-Speed Dome
Hi Defination Cameras
Thermal Imaging Night Vision Cameras

CCTV Systems

Crystal Clear High Def. Video Qauality. Up to 1000TVL.

Electronic Security Solutions

Relentless Security is a leading supplier of innovative, relevant and totally integrated security solutions:

  •  Alarms Systems – Intruder and Fire Warning Systems
  •  Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
  •  Access Control Systems
  •  Electric Fences
  •  Motorised Gates and Intercom Systems
  •  Biometrics Systems
  •  Employee Clocking Systems
  •  Integrated Security Monitoring Platforms
Intruder and Fire Alarm
Biometric Voting System

Solution for the Biometric Voter Registration Exercise

RELENTLESS SECURITY SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED offers Biometric Solutions for Voting Platforms in conjuction with  M2SYS . The TrueVoter™ system is a scalable and customizable software package that allows you to perform a wide variety of tasks for processing, editing, searching, retrieving and storing biometric voting templates and voter records. It streamlines data collection and card issuance, creates a national database of verified voter data, and includes a wide range of tools to manage and maintain it. It is fully customized to the specific needs of a client, and is designed to integrate into existing processes and procedures. Working with only internationally renowned partners, the units are extremely reliable and offer excellent warranties.

Key features of M2SYS TrueVoter™ system include:

  • Highly customizable software modules for both input and output settings
  • Multi-modal biometric voting identification including fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein, iris, and facial recognition
  • Comprehensive reporting and data logs for thorough voter activity monitoring
  • Information safety protection measures to protect citizen privacy including strong encryption, fault tolerant architecture, disk mirroring, automated database backups, and disaster recovery option.

Separate from our standard AFIS system, we offer a multi-modal automated biometric identification system (ABIS)which can combine fingerprint identification with an iris or facial recognition modality. Characterized by the utility to tailor deployment models based on unique needs and market conditions, our biometric voter registration military grade system is specially designed to meet government agency requirements and delivers fast, secure and reliable results.

Biometric Voting Finger Scan

Voter Verifier system provides an innovative mechanism to verify voter at the voting station. Our system generates secure voter ID card protected by barcode encrypted with the voter ID and biometric data of the citizen. Voter verifier checks authenticity of the voter and provides audio-visual information to the election-polling officers.

Biometric Voting Handscanner



1. A Robotic High Definition Megapixel Webcam for users to remotely view the project on a secure connection via a network connection. The camera will provide a full view of the work area on the construction site, stadium or similar large complexes.

2. The camera  meets or exceeds the following requirements:
2.1 Thermostatically controlled IP66/IP67 rated environmentally sealed black powder coated enclosure with stainless steel hardware
2.2 User controlled window wiper
2.3 Industrial grade solid state embedded Linux System
2.4 24 Megapixels (6000 x 4000 pixels), Digital SLR camera with a 15.6mm x 23.6mm DX-Format CMOS Image Sensor
2.5 Lens: F/3.5-F/5.6, 18-300mm, 17X Optical Zoom
2.6 Professional photo grade glass enclosure window
2.7 Nikon optics for superior image quality
2.8 Auto Features: ISO, Shutter, White Balance and Focus
2.9 Live streaming video preview with 1080i broadcast quality video clip capability
2.10 Image sensor cleaning and airflow control system for dust reduction
2.11 Anti-aliasing filter (Optical Low Pass Filter) for moiré effect reduction
2.12 39-point wide area autofocus system
2.13 Rapid archiving capability with on demand image capture as fast as every 10 seconds for short term events
2.14 Ultra-precise, Pan/Tilt robotic base designed to provide consistent imaging in all environments
2.15 Pan/Tilt: Pan Range 360° Continuous Pan, Tilt: +45° to -90° non-continuous pan mode. Motor Type: Stepper
2.16 Auto-generated 360° Megapixel Panoramas up to 10 Gigapixel (10000 megapixels)
2.17 Communications: 10base-T/100base-TX Ethernet, IP Addressing: Dynamic or Static
2.18 4G cellular modem
2.19 Smart diagnostic LED multi-color power indicator lamp
2.20 32GB On-Board Data Backup to provide a minimum of thirty days of on-board image retention.

3. Internet Based Online Interface: The camera is accessible via an internet based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. This online interface is managed and supported by the RELENTLESS SECURITY.
The Internet Based Online Interface shall include the following features:
3.1 Responsive HTML5 design for cross-platform access on desktop and mobile devices
3.2 Display project name and logo
3.3 Project Dashboard for viewing and accessing multiple cameras
3.4 Real-time live video viewing
3.5 User-controllable Robotic Pan, Tilt and Zoom
3.6 User-controllable settings for creating and editing multiple preset compositions
3.7 Automatically generated daily panoramas
3.8 Quarterly and on demand Gigapixel panoramas
3.9 Onscreen control button for wiper and washer control to allow for remote cleaning of the viewing window
3.10 Picture in picture capability for viewing live video and High Definition Megapixel images simultaneously
3.11 Digital Pan, Tilt and Zoom capability within a High Definition images
3.12 Custom tiling player to easily view High Definition panoramic images
3.13 Instant live snapshot capability in addition to preset scheduled archives
3.14 HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging and additional special effects
3.15 Timeline navigation system for selecting specific images and times
3.16 Multifunction Image Browsing
3.17 Time-lapse feature with optional time date overlay for instant time-lapse viewing, downloading and embedding

Integrated Security Platforms

Relentless Security Services P/L in partnership with STG and ESS is an installer and supplier of the Dallmier CCTV and XMP Babylon Platform. We are the leading supplier of complete solutions in the fields of Time Attendance, Access Control and Building Automation.

Babylon platform comes with the 4 Modules mentioned above and no extra fee is required to unlock each module.The Uranus Module enables you to manage all your other building facilities including Air Conditioners , Lights, Generators etc.

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